One of the best bits of advice I offer my couples is to do your best to take a moment between you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day.

When the wedding day arrives, there can be a mixture of feelings for bride and grooms; excitement, relief, elation, anticipation, and all too often, pressure. It is seen more and more through platforms such as Instagram, wedding blogs, and other social platforms, that couples have an imaginary need to ‘perform’ or ‘entertain’ their guests. I believe that taking this time to be alone with one another can help remove some of these perceptions and remind you of why you are there on the day. This can of course be done in any way that would fit in with your plans, but sometimes all it takes is to take a couple of glasses of champagne and a stroll together.

When Laura and I married a couple of years ago, we had spoken before-hand about how we would make an effort to take these little moments throughout the day to just pause and take it all in together. It is a cliche, but having done it ourselves, the day flies by, with the plethora of emotions and interactions, guests wanting to congratulate and spend time with you, it is no wonder that is it so easy to find yourself sitting down to the wedding breakfast having not seen your loved one since the ceremony. Laura and I managed to do this on two separate occasions on our day; the first was after we had some photographs of the two of us at sunset, and the second, midway through the evening entertainment. I did have to almost drag Laura from the dance floor, but to walk out to a pier out at sea with a couple of drinks, looking back to our venue with everyone enjoying themselves, just gave us an incredible perspective of the day.

I encourage you to do your best to fit in this special time together. If you need any ideas as to how this can be achieved, I am more than happy to offer suggestions.