• Why hire a professional?

    It’s certainly true that the development of digital photography has allowed more people to take images to be proud of, but on your wedding day, you want each moment to be consistently captured to a very high standard, and for nothing to be missed. This is where years of wedding experience, technical training, a professional eye, and dedicated focus throughout the day cannot be substituted. Having someone who knows how to interact with your guests, get the best from your venue, and has the ability to produce excellence under varying circumstances (not least, the weather!) really does prove invaluable if the quality of your images is important to you.

  • How would you define your style?

    This can be the most confusing part of choosing a wedding photographer; terms such as “documentary”, “story-teller”, “reportage”, “traditional” and “contemporary” are frequently used to describe a photographer’s style. I honestly couldn’t say which category my work falls within, and I believe it has elements of all of the above. Really, these terms can mean different things to different people, but my aim for each and every wedding is to create a collection of images that are truly unique to you and your story. I capture moments that are romantic, emotive, artistic, and unrepeatable. I hope that my galleries do the talking.

  • We don’t like ‘posed’ photographs, we want ‘natural’ images

    There is a common feeling among couples I work with that they’re not looking fort want ‘posed’ photographs. In reality, the more artistic images I love to take of my couples (which you can view in my portfolio), are ‘directed’ but, most importantly, they are relaxed! On the day, I will guide you through each and every shot so you are completely comfortable with what you’re doing, and this really helps to make the photographs enjoyable. I know that having photographs can be stressful for some (there is a reason I stay behind the camera!), so I want you to feel relaxed. This is what makes the ‘directed’, ‘natural’.

  • Why does wedding photography tend to be expensive?

    Simply because a lot goes into the preparation to make things go perfectly – your record of your wedding day is something that needs careful planning on my part, and this does take some time. I also put hours into my own ongoing development to make sure I stay at the top of my game. My clients believe that their photography is an investment - read what couples I’ve photographed have to say, here.

  • Why should I allocate a higher proportion of my budget to photography?

    Aside from the memories, your photographs will be the one enduring element of your day – a day that you put so much time and effort into; they are a way to keep hold of all the details and special moments, and are worth getting right. I believe that the letters from my previous clients give more of an insight into the true value of photography.

  • How much will you edit our photos?

    Today’s photographers have the luxury of post-production technology which is used to varying degrees to improve and enhance an image. However, for me, the magic is created there and then, with the camera, rather than excessive editing after the event. I do spend time carefully and subtly refining elementss that complement the final image, but ultimately, you want to recognise yourself and your day in your photos.

  • We’re not comfortable in front of the camera – is it worth us investing in our photos?

    Yes, absolutely! It’s my job, and I specialise in getting you relaxed in front of the camera so I can capture images of you at your happiest – therefore, you at your best. An investment in capturing those moments will always be worth it, and one you are glad of for years to come.

  • What can we expect from you on the day?

    I love working at weddings when there is a great chemistry between me and the wedding party, but I am always professional first and foremost. Logistically, what you can expect is all down to your plans for the day and will be agreed between us ahead of time. That said, there will inevitably be a need for flexibility on the day, and I pride myself on always being prepared and adaptable - once we have made our plans, you can leave the rest of the arrangements down to me - leaving you one fewer thing to think about!

  • What experience will our guests get from you on the day?

    For the most part, you want your guests to barely know I’m there on the day, and I work to blend in in order to capture the finest candid images. But, there will also be times when I’m working directly with your guests for the group shots. Here, I always aim to do something a little bit different and a little bit fun for guests, to enhance everyone’s experience on the day and capture a group image you’ll treasure.

  • How long will it take to get our photos back?

    You will typically get your images back within 4-6 weeks which allows me time to carry out any editing work and put together your album options.

  • Do we need to arrange a pre-wedding shoot?

    To an extent this depends how relaxed you are in front of the camera. It’s not strictly necessary, but it undoubtedly helps to build rapport between us and helps me to learn how you behave in front of the camera – all of this can help things along on the day, so if you want to maximise your comfort, it can be a good way to go, but the choice really is yours.

  • How long will the photos take on the day?

    This is for us to plan between us ahead of the day, and depends on your wedding and your requirements. Obviously the more time you allocate, the more shots you have to choose from – but this really is your choice. I am always aware of taking you away from your party, though, so I will use the time you can give efficiently.

  • Do you focus on the ‘arty’ shots? We want lots of candid pictures!

    This is about discussing your preferences and making sure we’ve properly worked out what you’re looking for from the photographs – each wedding is different. I love listening to your ideas and complementing this vision with my experience and artistic eye. For me, truly taking on board your wishes and developing a vision together (and adding in a few extra surprises!) has proved to be the best formula for consistently delighting the couples I work with.

    I usually spend a small proportion of the day creating the more ‘directed’ images you see within my portfolio. These photographs are crafted over approximately 20-30 minutes in total, which could be all at once, or split across the course of the day. For the majority of the time, I am blending into the background and capturing the day as it unfolds.

  • Who are the people who have given you awards?

    Over the years I have been truly honoured to receive industry and peer-judged awards, and to be recognised as one of the leading wedding photographers working in the UK by such prestigious bodies as the British Institute of Professional Photographers. The awards I have received are judged by peers and industry-leading, world-renowned professional photographers – for me, in an industry that is becoming confusingly awash with self-proclaimed awarding bodies, this is what makes these awards such a genuine honour.

  • Who are the BIPP?

    The BIPP is the British Institute of Professional Photography. It is run by photographers, for photographers and is a not-for-profit company with a strong volunteering ethos. The BIPP is an internationally recognised organisation with over 100 years’ experience in recognising and supporting photographers.

  • How should we select a wedding photographer (there are so many to choose from at such varied costs)?

    The best advice to give you is to talk to, or better yet, meet with a photographer once you have found someone whose work you fall IN LOVE with – before you discuss prices. Get references (which should be forthcoming) and check out any awarding bodies and establish what their credentials are. Importantly, ask to view a number of full-weddings to see each and every image captured throughout. Photographers will always showcase their best work, but you need to see consistency amongst the collection. Your photographer is a significant part of the day and the chemistry between you is what will make the greatest difference to the end result. Yes, it is a hard decision, but it is an important one, so make sure you choose the person whose work captivates you, and you feel comfortable with.

  • What can we expect from you in terms of contact and administration?

    Whilst I am often out on location and may not always be immediately available, I am responsive. I am aware that you will have questions and will be keen to know about availability quickly. I will always give you time frames when working on your images.